New Korean Song!

November 13, 2012.
– Double K (Feat. Bobby Kim) No Music No Life (2012 MAMA)
– Kyuhyun (of Super Junior) – Just Once (The Great Seer OST)
– Park Jung Min (of SS501) – Beautiful
-Suzy (of miss A) & Deok Won – Moment

November 12, 2012
– Park Bo Young – My Prince (A Werewolf Boy OST)
– Ahn Jae Wook – Sky Called You
– Lisa – Woman

– B1A4 – Tired To Walk
– NS Yoon-G (Feat. Jay Park) – If You Love Me


About oktavndn

Who i am? i'm just crazy fans of KPOP XD kkkk~ Hi! I'm Dina Oktaviana~ just an ordinary woman to be extraordinary. Kkkk~ I like things that make me uncomfortable. I love K-Ballad song. This really makes me uncomfortable every heard this song genre. 난 우리 가족을 사랑합니다! ^^
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